Finding Occupational and Organizational Discounts for a Car Insurance Quote in Monterey

When looking for an affordable Car insurance Quote in Monterey, the person should investigate any potential discounts he or she would be eligible for. These discounts vary widely by insurance companies, so it’s a smart idea to get quotes from an independent agency like Coast Auto Insurance Services. Independent agents can provide quotes from many companies instead of just one that they represent directly.

Familiar Discounts

Some discounts are well-known, such as those for people with excellent driving records and for college students with high grade point averages. It also possible for a person to hear about lower rates for someone who puts a low amount of mileage on the vehicle each year and who can keep the vehicle in a garage when it’s not in use.


Other discounts aren’t as familiar to most people shopping for a Car insurance Quote in Monterey. For example, how many are aware that some insurance companies offer lower rates to engineers and medical professionals? Some provide discounts to teachers and to college graduates with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics. Some companies provide low premiums for members of professional organizations. Active-duty and retired members of the U.S. military qualify for these lower rates with certain insurers.

Safer Drivers

The savings can be substantial, such as 15 to 20 percent on the usual premium. What is the reason for these types of discounts? Insurance underwriters have found that these individuals generally tend to be safer drivers. They are more careful on the road and less likely to be in an accident.

Underwriters have found other occupational patterns in regard to safe driving. Not only medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and physical therapists, but also first responders tend to be more careful behind the wheel. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics have seen the tragic results of automobile accidents and they do whatever they can to avoid being in a collision.

Future Discount Opportunities

As more research is conducted on which population groups are safe drivers in general, consumers will enjoy even more opportunities for auto insurance discounts. For now, they can get started by visiting a website such as


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