Reasons to Get Dental Crowns in Salem, OR

Dental Crowns in Salem OR are tooth-shaped prostheses designed for placement over broken, cracked, or damaged teeth. They can be used to restore both function and appearance to teeth that might not otherwise be viable, providing a much better alternative to extractions. Often patients with dental crowns are able to keep their natural teeth, even if they are damaged, for the rest of their lives thanks to crowns.

Protect Weakened Teeth

Dental patients who have one or more teeth that have been significantly weakened due to decay can have crowns placed over them to protect them. Not only does this reduce the chances of further decay, but it also restores the appearance of these teeth, which are often discolored or visibly damaged in addition to being structurally compromised.

Stabilize Cracked Teeth

When teeth are cracked it gives bacteria the opportunity they need to take hold. Cracks also leave teeth with structural damage, which can, over time, require extraction. Dental crowns offer a solution that doesn’t require removing the damaged tooth.

Reinforce Root Canals

Root canals have a bad reputation for being painful. In reality, though, they are actually quite effective at relieving a patient’s pain and restoring his or her ability to eat, speak, and go about daily life. Once the root canal has been performed, the pain should be alleviated and a crown can be placed over the tooth to reinforce it and restore its appearance.

Anchor Dental Bridges

Patients who are already missing one or more teeth sometimes find that Dental Crowns in Salem OR are required to anchor dental bridges in place. Unlike dentures, these bridges are usually permanent prostheses that do not need to be removed. Of course, patients do need to have at least two healthy teeth that can be covered with crowns to anchor the bridges.

Encase Dental Implants

Dental implants have recently been growing in popularity as the technologies they use become less expensive. Once the implant has been placed, a crown must be placed on top of it to encase the implant itself. These crowns can also be used to anchor bridges designed to replace multiple teeth once the implant has become stabilized.

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