Promoting Personal Responsibilty and Protecting the Victims: Why to Contact an Accident Injury Law Attorney in Bronx, NY

Life is always difficult following any accident that causes a personal injury. In addition to dealing with the pain, there are often many doctor appointments or therapy visits to attend.Paperwork, phone calls and questions from insurance companies are constant. Missing work can anger employers and reduce income enough to the point that bills can not be paid. Family members may feel helpless to take care of their injured loved one and the injured person may worry about permanent disability or feel guilty for the problems they are causing their family.

The important thing to remember is that the victim in this scenario is not the one who should feel guilty. An accident injury law attorney in Bronx NY will experience this with their clients repeatedly. People consult with them out of desperation because they are no longer able to pay their bills or take care of themselves following an accident they did not cause. They should not consider filing a lawsuit only because they were unable to get through the problem alone. It is important that they know they have this option available to them, but they should never feel as if it is only a last resort.

People should be held responsible when they cause an injury to another person. It does not matter if they were being careless or if they were malicious in their refusal to do what was necessary to keep others safe. It was their actions (or inaction) that led to the accident. It could be a shopkeeper who refuses to spend money to clear an icy walkway or a driver talking on their cellphone. Their intent may not have been to hurt someone, but they did. The law protects the victim in these circumstances in an attempt to encourage citizens to be more responsible.

Contacting an accident injury law attorney in Bronx NY is the first step to getting life back to normal for an accident victim. They will be able to support themselves, get the medical help they need and potentially earn something for the pain and suffering they have had to endure. Help is available to anyone who has suffered from the actions of someone else. It does not matter what type of accident it might have been. Contact Kiley, Kiley, & Kiley PLLC – Attorneys at Law to learn more about personal injury law and the rights every victim has under the law.


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