Preparing for Building Demolition in Minnesota

In the movies, when a building is demolished, it often looks much like it does when it’s in use. You see duct work in the ceilings, desks in offices, light fixtures in place (many times in the on position) and more. However, this is a very unrealistic look at building demolition. The truth is that if you need Building Demolition in Minnesota, there may be some prep work that you want to do before the construction company does their work.

Most buildings offer a gold mine in reclaimable items. For example, every window in your building has value. Removing the glass, in their frames if possible, can help offset some of the demolition costs. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Check the bathrooms in your building and see look at the fixtures. In some older buildings, the fixtures can be quite valuable. Take the time to remove these as well. You’ll also want to but out some walls and see if any copper pipes and wires are being used. Copper is very valuable and can also help offset the cost of demolition.

You’ll also want to consider the light fixtures. If you have standard office lighting, then all you’ll want to do is remove the bulbs. But, again, if it’s an older building, you might have antique light fixtures throughout the building.

More practically, you’ll want to make sure that the electricity and water are turned off for the building. The construction company will also remind you to do this as well.

The truth is that the construction company you hire will offer to demolish your building as is. They will then strip down anything valuable and reuse it themselves, or sell it. Many people prefer to leave this to the company they hire because it does take time, effort and some tools to do it themselves. However, if you have an older building, you may want to do this first to offset some of your overall costs.

Regardless of which option you take, reclaiming your old items, or leaving it to the construction company, you’ll want to hire a good demolition crew. At Nitti Rolloff & Demolition Services Inc, they offer a number of different construction services and 30 years of experience to do the job you needs to be done the right way.


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