Places Where Mold Hides and When Mold Removal in Schenectady is Needed

A mold invasion occurs wherever heat and moisture combine. A large invasion of mold is a serious business. The mold releases spores that can cause major health issues for your family. Once the discovery is made, a professional team will need to be called in to clean it up. Below are some of the areas where the mold will grow unnoticed until it has become a very serious problem.

One area where mold can lurk unseen is behind bathroom walls. Leakage is very common in the bathroom where everything has to be water-tight. Over time, the water-tight elements such as grout are compromised. This allows water to sneak in behind the walls. Once any water leakage is discovered, mold will also likely be discovered. Mold Removal in Schenectady is necessary since the mold can encompass a fairly large area inside the bathroom.

Another area where mold can lurk unnoticed is in the attic. Moisture build up in this space is due to a result of venting running into the attic instead of out of the roof. Since most people rarely enter the attic, the problem may go unnoticed for a very long time. Fixing the venting will help prevent new growth, but all of the mold must be removed before this can be done.

In the home’s basement is another area where mold can spread without being noticed. The soil retains moisture. As temperatures rise outside, the warmth starts seeping into the soil. When mixed, you have a highly volatile mixture that results in the ideal growth medium for mold. If you have wood or even concrete in your basement, the mold can attach to these surfaces. It will start spreading rather quickly. Mold Removal in Schenectady is needed if it has been left to spread uncontrolled for most of the summer.

While some mold can be seen, the bulk of it remains hidden behind walls, in attics, or in the basement area. This hidden mold still poses a health risk even if you can’t see it. If the discovery of surface mold indicates that there is a larger problem, check out You may need help getting all of the mold out of your home.


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