Open up your Interior with Beautiful Patio Doors

If you ask most people about the value of patio doors, they immediately think about the practical aspect of these doors. Yes, they are an essential way to get from the interior living space of the home to the outside areas, but they are really much more than that.

Even in the warmest of climates here in the United States, patio doors are more a function of being able to see out into the yard, the garden, and to the exterior living space. Having the ability to sit inside and look out over a beautifully landscaped area is both relaxing as well as soothing, and it often becomes a part of our morning or evening routine.

Choosing the right patio doors to allow you to have the ability to sit inside and enjoy the view of the outside of your property adds to the enjoyment of your home. It also adds to the value of the home as it makes the space look brighter, larger and more open, even with a small home and yard.

Big, Open Spaces

One option to consider in patio doors to really add to the maximum light and view from the inside out, is to choose doors with a very large central glass panel, which is also called a full-lite design.

One of the options for a perfect view into a backyard area is to have this full-lite design with clear beveled glass. The beveling around the edges adds that extra bit of style while still providing a very big picture view.

Other options include a solid panel of wood across the bottom and six, eight or 10 lites in a more French-door style. Typically, all patio doors will close to the middle as a French door, but adding the mullioned look really enhances the design.

Creative Glass Options

For a more elegant or ornate look, consider a glass that includes caming. This can allow you to mix different types of glass within the pattern created by the caming, adding detail while providing more privacy.

Depending on the option you choose, the patio doors will still let in maximum light but also give you privacy. This is a good option when a patio area may face into a neighbor’s yard, or when you want to open the doors for visibility and close them for a bit more seclusion.

With patio doors of all styles, glass types and options, you can certainly find just the right match for your home at Nick’s Building Supply. To see our designs, as well as our glass options, please visit us online at website.


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