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Moving an office can be a costly and chaotic experience. Most companies can’t afford to shut down operations during a move, which means that companies have to continue doing business during this challenging time. This can cause moving errors and liability problems that can impact a company’s bottom line. Before you decide to move, consider these mistakes to avoid when choosing office movers serving Charlotte, NC. These mistakes can occur by not hiring professional and reliable movers to perform your relocation.

1. Always Choosing the Lowest Bid
Many businesses are smart enough to request bids from several office movers. Charlotte, NC businesses can take advantage of a wide range of offers and choose the right moving company based on their needs. When companies choose a moving company based on solely on price, this can cause major problems. Choosing the lowest bidder can lead to obtaining unexpected hidden fees, unprofessional service and damaged property.

2. Not Properly Evaluating Risks
Many companies do a basic evaluation of risk when moving, but do not estimate the many risks associated with relocating a business and hiring office movers. Businesses will consider the noticeable risks such as damage to furniture or broken electronics. However, companies fail to realize the risks that are more substantial. Serious risks can include breaking the secure chain of custody, breach of confidential information and sensitive records, unscheduled downtime due to slow and unprofessional movers that decrease productivity.

3. Overlooking Legal Risks
Moving an office can cause many legal issues that businesses may tend to overlook. Rental agreements for both the old and new locations must be evaluated. Most rental agreements are subject to strict regulations and business owners should properly review these documents. It is recommended that business owners hire an attorney to review both the old and new rental agreement to ensure that no legal issues occur in the future.

Legal issues can also occur from breach of data, when private information of customers, employees and business records are exposed due to poor moving and planning caused by moving professionals. This legal issue can be the most damaging to the business and its customers.

Choose a Reliable Company
Companies can make these few common mistakes by not hiring a reliable, professional moving company. When you’re choosing office movers, look for companies that will protect your business while moving your office safety and securely.


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