Knowing What Dental Fillings Are Available

Although it does not take as many muscles to make a smile as it does frown, keeping teeth at their shiniest and healthiest is nothing to laugh about. Dental health represents more than just bleeding gums or filling cavities, since it is linked to more health issues in the body.

Fortunately for the majority of people keeping good oral health is all about avoiding some foods, flossing regularly and brushing a minimum of twice per day, with three times recommended. However, sometimes even those who floss the most and brush regularly end up with a cavity.

Common Dental Fillings

Only your trusted emergency dentist in the Chicago Loop can help decide what filling is the best for you. The choice depends upon the location of the cavity, the degree that the tooth is decayed, and the cost. The most common fillings are the silver amalgam, composite resin, cast gold, glass ionomers, and ceramic.


Amalgam fillings are commonly used for filling cavities found in the back teeth and are the cheapest to purchase. They are characterized by being strong, durable, and resistant to chewing action. Over time they can tarnish and corrode.

Composite Resin

Composite resin is a mixture of glass and plastic particles. It is used in parts of the teeth that are visible, priced higher than amalgam, but less than cast gold. They can match the tooth color, but usually do not last as long as silver or gold fillings.


Gold fillings are not 100% pure gold, but are expensive and can cost up to 10 times more than silver. An extra visit is necessary to use gold, but it is durable as a silver filling and does not corrode.

Glass Ionomers

These are made of glass and acrylic components and cost the price of composite resin but are less durable. They can release fluoride, which could help in preventing further tooth decay.


Ceramic fillings are porcelain and can cost the same as those made of composite resin or higher than cast gold. They can match teeth color and are resistant to staining.

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