Items that Can Be Incorporated on a Granite Memorial with Sand Blasting in CT

In the older days, granite monuments were chiseled by hand. However, the evolution of sand blasting has streamlined the process of creating customized memorials. This method provides the same type of unique detailing of that was once done by hand. In addition to the level of detail provided, it also has the ability to provide different types of contrast. This was something not available in the older days. When considering a sandblasted memorial, these are a few items to think about.

Complicated patterns such as pictures can be done with Sand Blasting in CT. While these pictures can be duplicated with this method, the nozzle size will determine how small the detailing can go. You will need to have enough space in the design to accommodate the nozzle size. Faces are difficult to duplicate due to the intricate details in the features. If you want to include a face, it may have to be scaled accordingly.

Different fonts are easily sandblasted into the memorial granite. There is a wide range of fonts that can be incorporated by these means of etching. If there was a favorite font, check to make sure that it can be incorporated onto the memorial. There are a couple of different fonts that are difficult to sandblast and still be readable.

One of the easiest things that can be done with Sand Blasting in CT is incorporating different types of contrasts in the granite. These contrasts are used to define different details in the granite. This works well for emphasizing designs and creating contrast. The areas to be sandblasted are defined while the rest of the granite is protected from the force of the sand. The contrast is creating by using different pressures of sand in the machine. The surface can be polished to a fine sheen.

Sandblasting is a time-saving method of adding a lot of detail into granite. While it does have some limitations due to the size of the nozzle, it can be a good way to incorporate a lot of detail into the memorial. Contact us about the designs that you want incorporated as well as the final look of the granite memorial.


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