How Much Time Is Required to Relocate Our Offices?

When you can complete effective planning, you will draw up a timetable which will allow you to move from one office location to another. By forming a close link with your commercial moving services in Charlotte, NC, you will be able to build upon their experience of understanding the actual packing and unpacking procedures.

Reducing Disruption to Your Business

The key to any business relocation is to ensure that business disruption is reduced to the absolute minimum. Should you plan perfectly, you will not lose any business or work days. Working closely with commercial moving services in Charlotte NC , you may choose to move the business over several days. This will enable you to be up and live in both locations. This final decision may be decided by your budget and the size of your move.

Where you currently own your property, you may need to sell it before you can move to the new location. The planning and time required is partly reliable on the sale completing to an exact timeframe.

Renting your current property means that you will always have a distinct target end date to plan your relocation, so you are not paying rent at two locations.

It is important to appoint a team leader to be in total control of the relocation, otherwise many individuals may believe they are taking part in the move and are not necessarily aware of what everyone else is seeking to achieve. This will probably lead to insufficient time being allowed to plan the relocation effectively. Unapprised decisions and rushed packing (leave it to the experts) may lead to unnecessary downtime and overspend on the move budget, while your customers may be unable to contact you.

As you decide upon the period required to complete the move, you must allow specific time to sell or rent your current property and inspect sufficient new office properties.

You should talk closely to your real estate lawyer who will explain how much time is required for their department to complete both the leaving and arriving at the new premises.

Commercial moving services in Charlotte, NC, will require as much notice as possible so they can perfectly place you into their relocation program. It is better to allow three or more months for an entire office move, with six being preferable. The legal process will take anywhere between two and eight weeks.


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