Homeowners May Benefit From Installing A Walk-In Bathtub In Pittsburgh

Remodeling contractors are experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Companies such as Patete Kitchen & Bath Center can help homeowners get the most beauty and functionality for their money when they decide to update their kitchens or bathrooms. The kitchen and bathroom are the two most popular rooms to remodel. Older homeowners may choose to age in place by updating their beloved home to be more senior friendly. A Walk-In Bathtub in Pittsburgh may be a feature that will make the bathroom easier to use.

Remodeling To Age In Place

As we age, we may develop health and mobility problems that require changes in our living areas. A home remodeler with the correct expertise and experience can make changes to the family home that make it easier for senior citizens to live in the home. Handicapped people can also have a home remodeled to meet their special needs and level of mobility.

These changes may involve making kitchens and bathrooms more accessible for people in wheelchairs or using walkers. A home can be decluttered and have wider traffic patterns throughout the home. Kitchen counters and appliances can be changed for more accessibility. Bathrooms can be remodeled to have handicap accessible sinks and toilets with grab bars and other safety devices. A Walk-In Bathtub in Pittsburgh can be installed for easy use for those with reduced mobility.

Even two-story homes can be made accessible to handicapped and older people by adding an elevator or an electric lift chair on the stairs. Each homeowner has an idea of what they want to change in their home so it will be easier to live in as they get older. They can work with a qualified home remodeling contractor who is knowledgeable in aging in place home renovations.

All Remodeling Needs

The same kitchen & bath remodeling company can create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms for all homeowners who want to update their homes. A new kitchen can once again become the center of family living. The kitchen can be gutted and rebuilt entirely or modest changes can be made to improve the room on a budget. A bathroom can become a home spa. Browse our website for ideas and inspiration.


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