Glasses or Viewers – Which are the Best Eclipse Solar Filters?

Solar eclipses are rare and exciting events, especially if you live in certain parts of the Western Hemisphere. Eclipses are something special for parents and children to share and sometimes entire groups get together for a fun and learning experience. However, eye safety is a major concern and eclipse glasses and hand held viewers are two of the best methods for protecting vision. But which solar filters are best? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Eclipse Glasses

Glasses are an excellent tool for safe eclipse viewing. In fact, you can buy inexpensive glasses made especially for the event or if you want to spend a little more money, you may purchase high quality glasses made just like sunglasses. Both are excellent solar filters and the high quality glasses can be used again and again, and in places where you need a high degree or ultraviolet and infra red light filtration.

The Benefits of Inexpensive Solar Eclipse Glasses

Did you know you can buy eclipses glasses for under one dollar a pair? When you go with a trusted online supplier, you will pay low prices for as few as 25 pairs. If you run an outdoor business like a planetarium, these glasses can be an excellent source of extra income, as the more you order the bigger the discount you will receive.

When you buy eclipse glasses, it’s important to look for these features:

 * Scratch resistant lenses
 * CE and ISO certified solar filters
 * Variety of colors and designs
 * Custom printing available

Hand Held Solar Viewers

Many people are completely unaware there is a viable option to eclipse glasses. The hand held viewer may be just what you are looking for. The best viewers are three inches by five inches in size and easily fit into your hand. At this size, they are perfect for your pocket and easy to carry about. Eclipse glasses can become damaged if one is not careful. However, viewers are a little sturdier and just as inexpensive. Plus, if you go with the right source, you can find viewers with all the same great features of the glasses.

Choose viewer solar filters, you will enjoy a cost effective way to safely view solar eclipses. In addition, the option of custom printing makes them one of the best promotional tools you can find. In fact, they are inexpensive enough for giveaway promotions, parties, and all kinds of events, and anyone can take advantage of these products.


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