Getting Your Things Ready for Storage

When you move, you need to pack up all your things and prepare for the big event. However, some people soon realize they have too many things for their new home and they seek out a good storage service in Memphis. Here are a few helpful tips for getting your things ready, before you store them. Hopefully you can avoid a lot of headaches and inconveniences.

Pack Things Tightly and Securely

The better you pack your things to store, the less space they will take up. With many facilities, space is at a premium and when you pack things in boxes carefully, you can fit more possessions in one area. Plus, the better you pack the safer things are.

Pack Each Fragile Item Separately

Things like dishes and glasses should be wrapped with bubble wrap or some kind of padding, individually. If not, there is a good chance they could become broken during transit or storage.

Choose the Right Storage Service in Memphis

Do you have wood furniture, computers or electronics to store? If so, you might want to pay the extra money for a climate controlled facility. Summer can be hot and humid in Eastern Tennessee and high humidity can damage many of your things.

Keep Hardware with the Items

Many of your things may need to be disassembled before moving. This includes lamps, beds and shelving. You might have a lot of screws or bolts to keep track of and these things are easy to lose. To make it simple, place the hardware in plastic baggies and tape them to the item. This will save a lot of time and trouble.

Make Better Use of Space

Even the best storage service in Memphis only provides so much available space. Consider storing things inside drawers, coffee tables and other things. This will give you more efficient storage.


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