Getting The Right Platform Scales For Your Needs

Having the ability to accurately weigh materials on floor scales, also known as platform scales, is a major consideration for most processing and industrial applications. However, not all scales are designed equally, and for the importance of this equipment investing in the best quality scales is always a major consideration.

If you have older models of platform scales already on your processing line, or in your packaging or loading area, don’t automatically choose to go with the same brand. Instead, shop around and see what new innovations are available which may help you to streamline your process and save money.

Different models of platform scales and floor scales can weigh up to 10,000 pounds or 4,536 kgs, with the larger weight capacities typically having an overall larger size.

Reputation Matters

When choosing platform scales always go with a company with a top reputation in the scale manufacturing business. Don’t buy from a middleman, go directly to the company so you get the best price and also have the most expertise and experience in helping to get the best scale for your needs.

There are some scale companies out there doing business for almost a century. This shows a top reputation and attention to detail in all the models they sell. However, it also shows a company with a keen eye for technology and incorporating time and cost savings features into every scale and device they offer.

Design and Size

When working with a top company manufacturing platform scales, have the dimensions of the space you are going to use the scale handy when you call in. The rep will typically ask for this information so they know the size and design of scale to suggest to work in your space.

Also be sure to check the technology included in the platform scales you are considering. You want a scale that offers self-calibration to allow an accurate reading with each operation. You should also check the ability of the scale to integrate with your current software and technical requirements.

It is also essential to talk to the manufacturer about the warranty offered on the platform scales you are considering. Even the most durable scales made out of carbon and stainless steel should still have a two-year limited warranty, providing protection from any defects or equipment failures on the unit.

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