Get Rid Of Dampness With A Waterproofing Company In Washington, DC

Washington DC has lots of rain and warm weather that can act together to create damp basements and moisture issues in other areas of the home or business building. The dampness can lead to dangerous mold and mildew problems if not treated promptly. Choose a waterproofing company in Washington DC to clean up the dampness problem and find the cause. When the cause of a dampness problem is found and eliminated, the dampness will not come back.

Finding The Cause Of Dampness

No, rainy weather is not the only cause of dampness. Everywhere has some rain. The moisture from the rain or groundwater getting into the envelope of a building is the cause of dampness and mold problems. Is the basement properly sealed on the inside and the outside of the building? Are there cracks that can let in moisture? Is there inadequate ventilation? Basements and areas of a building that are below the level of the water table can suffer water coming in from below because of seepage or hydrostatic pressure.

The building lot may not be graded properly, allowing water to flow toward a building rather than away. Recent road work or building projects could have affected the area grading and caused water to flow onto the lot. A Waterproofing Company in Washington DC can identify site issues.

How To Fix Damp Areas

Getting to the root problem and fixing it can involve many strategies. No indoor fix will help a water problem caused by bad or damaged grading on the outside of a building. Starting from the outside and working in is a good strategy. The waterproofing and foundation repair experts will examine the lot first. Then, they will inspect the exterior walls to look for lack of or damaged waterproofing materials and cracks. Next, they will check the water table near the building.

Then, the waterproofing experts will check the damp interior spaces to find the exact spots the water is coming in. Once the inspection is complete, the experts with companies such as Worldwide Basement Waterproofing will report to the building owner with the causes and solutions they advise.

Once the plan is accepted work can begin. The solution can be as simple as repairing foundation cracks, or it can involve adding a basement drainage system with a sump pump. Perhaps the walls need a waterproofing coating. For more information, check out


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