Factors to Consider When Buying a Restroom Hand Dryer

The decision to go from paper towels to an electrical hand dryer in a public facility is an easy one, as dryers have many advantages. When you buy a hand dryer, though, getting the right one for your facility might take some extra thought. You want to get the machine that fits the needs of your restroom, whether it is a high traffic area such as an entertainment complex, or a low use space such as a small office. Here are a couple of factors to ponder when selecting a quality hand dryer.

Amount of Customers

A public or office restroom can service widely different amounts of people each day, depending on the facility. If your area is along the lines of a sports complex or other entertainment venue you might need to get people in and out quickly. A powerful hand dryer is probably needed to prevent backups in the restroom. These units can dry hands in a matter of seconds, keeping a steady flow of traffic through the area. It will also be worthwhile to consider a dryer that is strong, durable and vandal resistant.

On the other hand, a small office restroom can probably go with a more basic model. If the facility is only used a handful of times a day, drying time can still be quick, but a few seconds extra won’t matter too much. In this case, a standard or economy model should work fine. To know more, click here.

Size of Budget

When you buy a hand dryer, you might also have to consider your budget. The more elaborate machines cost a little more, but come with faster drying times, patented cold plasma technology and other innovations. They handle more people quickly and hold up to constant usage. Standard or economy dryers are a great value and do nearly everything the high-end models do, just a little more slowly, and they still look great.


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