Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing Floor Scales

There are many different styles and options of floor scales, sometimes called platform scales, which can be used in industrial and commercial applications. These types of scales are typically designed to be very low profile, which means that objects or items can be easily moved on and off the platform or weighing area of the scale with little risk of damage to the scale or the load.

There are different options in the platform for these scales and some can be designed with ramped edges. These are typically used for weighing barrels or for rolling a load to be weighed onto the platform using a dolly or other type of device. Some are also designed specifically to weight pallets, so they are larger in size to allow ease for the operator in placing the pallets on the scale platform.

If you are in the market for floor scales for commercial and industrial applications, there are some mistakes that can be easy to make. By taking the time to think about the size, capacity and the design of the scales you can make the right choice with full confidence.

Buying on Average Weight

While it may seem like buying floor scales based on the average weight of loads on the scale is the right option, it is essential to actually buy a scale based on the heaviest possible weight.

Ideally, choosing even 10% higher than the highest weight is beneficial as this prevents placing too much weight on the scale that can result in damage to the load cells.

Not Considering Maintenance and Calibration

While most people will compare any platform scales to the environments where the scale will be used, they may not stop and think about issues with maintaining the scale and calibration issues.

New scales are designed to be virtually maintenance free. They also offer electronic calibration that means no more lifting weights on and off the scale to ensure accuracy. This is both time and cost saving and a definite benefit you will not want to do without.


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