Don’t Delay Basement Leak Repair in Fairfax, VA

There is no excuse for allowing a basement or crawl space to become unusable because of water problems. Damp areas attract mold and insects that can endanger the health of a home’s residents. Damp foundations can undermine the building structure and cause more serious damage. The damp space will be unusable for living space and storage and decrease the property’s value. Contact companies specializing in basement leak repair in Fairfax VA for help.

Why Is The Foundation or Floor Leaking?

There are many reasons for a basement or crawl space being wet. Some are minor and easy to repair. A foundation wall that is too porous can be painted with a waterproofing agent. Cracks in foundation walls and basement floors can be repaired. Basement leak repair in Fairfax VA companies have experienced experts who can find the leak and the reason for the leak. Addressing the root cause of basement leaks can be more effective than applying patches.

Root causes for basement leaks can involve flooding, rising water tables, poor construction, improper lot grading, lack of waterproofing on the exterior of the foundation walls, lack of roof gutter system, poorly fitting windows, and holes in walls for electrical or plumbing services.

Fixing the Water Problem

Foundation services may include basement inspections, waterproofing coatings, leak repair, crawl space waterproofing, foundation crack repair, mold problem solutions, drainage and downspout repairs, egress window replacement or repair, and more.

There are quality wet basement repair services that offer lifetime warranties on their work. They may also finance the updates themselves or refer the customer to financing options. The best companies, such as Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc., offer free estimates and quality workmanship. Every home needs a solid foundation to support the structure. Water problems weaken that foundation. Older homes are prone to foundation problems but can be repaired to be strong and stable again.

A Dry, Usable Space

Once the basement or crawl space is dry, clean, and free of mold and insects, it can be used for storage or additional living space. Basements are prime areas to remodel and gain extra living space or to increase home values. Check out

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