Do You Need Commercial Landscape Management Services?

There is a difference in using a general landscaping service and choosing a commercial landscape management company. On the surface, these two types of landscaping services may appear to be identical, but there are critical differences to consider which will have an impact on the quality of your outdoor green space.

Long-Term Planning

A company focused on commercial landscape management is not just planning for planting a few trees, laying some sod and then moving on to the next project. Instead, these companies are working to develop long-term, sustainable and environmentally friendly options in landscaping, specifically designed for your commercial property.

By selecting the trees, flowers, shrubs, plants and even the variety of grass for the property, customers will find a lower cost involved in maintaining the grounds while also limiting the need for fertilizers, chemicals, and even irrigation.

Equipment and Operators

Professional services focusing on commercial, industrial, private and public landscaping needs for large businesses, agencies and organizations have trained teams of technicians and operators using the latest in equipment and technology to maintain the grounds. This not only helps to increase efficiency, but it also assists in long-term maintenance of the landscaping, reducing the overall cost of the service.

Oversight by Professionals

Many landscaping companies are owned, operated and managed by a small team of individuals with varying levels of horticulture and landscaping training. A commercial landscape management will employ professionals trained and in horticulture, landscape design, landscape architecture, and arboriculture, which is the study of trees, shrubs, vines and woody plants.

In addition, professionals will review the plan for the property, provide information on the most suitable grass, tree, shrub and flower options to consider. They will also work closely with the property owner and manager to create the ideal grounds for any building or facility.


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