Discover New Pecan Pie Recipes in Phoenix

No one knows for sure when someone first mixed a delectable syrup concoction with pecans and poured it into a pie crust-; thus creating the southern specialty of pecan pie. It is often said the French are responsible after settling in New Orleans and discovering the pecan. Others contribute the sweet dessert to the makers of Karo syrup but, regardless of who is correct, the recipe started appearing in cookbooks in 1940. This wonderful creation now has a place of honor on many holiday tables and is often the dessert of choice in restaurants. As with many recipes, people have created delicious variations-; each one worth a taste. Give one of the wonderful Pecan Pie Recipes in Phoenix a try and see if a new favorite has been found.

Most pecan pie recipes include eggs, syrup, butter, vanilla, and pecans. These alone create a treat many long for around the holiday season. However, there can be many variations on the classic dessert. The addition of chocolate, lemon, pumpkin, and other ingredients create a similar sumptuous dessert that may start a new tradition in your family. You can find such wonderful new Pecan Pie Recipes in Phoenix online and in cookbooks, but why not let the company whose specializes in pecans, such as Green Valley Pecan Company Store, help you bring a new dessert to the table?

If pecan pie is a favorite for your family, Visit the website and see what new and creative ways have been made for pecan pie. Discover for yourself what the addition of chocolate can do for this classic recipe. These recipes are tried and true. There many even be a festival winner among them. The original pecan pie recipe has been enjoyed for generations. However, give your palate a bit of excitement by trying out a slightly different approach. It is possible you may like a new recipe better, but you will have to venture into new territory to find out. So, the next time you are craving a piece of pecan pie, give a new recipe a whirl. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy this delicious dessert.


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