Considering The Cost Of Marble Countertops in Minneapolis

For many homeowners, the dream of marble countertops in their kitchen and bathroom can seem like something that is out of reach. While it is true that there are lower cost options in countertops to consider, there is only one counter that has the look of marble.

If you have always wanted marble on your kitchen and bathroom counters but weren’t sure if the cost was justified, here are three important facts to consider in understanding the value this choice will bring to your home.

Lasts a Lifetime

When you install marble countertops in a home as a renovation or upgrade, you will be installing the only countertops you will ever need to install. In fact, the countertops are very likely to outlive the other structural elements in the home.

This is truly a lifetime investment. With the beautiful, rich and classic look of marble, it is also a countertop that you will enjoy for decades without ever becoming tired of the appearance.

Increases Home Value and Appeal

Many Minneapolis home buyers today are looking specifically for homes with marble or other forms of natural stone countertops. By choosing marble, you make a statement when you sell your home and one that increases the value of the home and can help to lead to shorter times on the market.

Offers a Not to be Imitated Look

Some types of countertops, particularly laminates, can be made to imitate other natural stone options. This is not true with marble as the almost 3D sensation when looking into marble is impossible to replicate.

Adding to this is the difference in every sheet of marble that clearly identifies this as a true natural stone. In any Minneapolis home, this look sets apart a kitchen or bathroom in a way that is simply not possible with any other countertop option.


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