Choosing The Right Mattress Size

While the materials that make up a mattress are extremely important when picking a new mattress, size of the mattress is crucial as well. Even if it’s one person on a bed or two, deciding on a bigger bed vs a smaller one can be more beneficial. Also, being well versed in mattress sizes or measurements can also be helpful for those who are taller and may need some extra leg room. For those needing more leg room and personal space, consider getting a king mattress in Jackson, MS.

Mattress Sizes

A commonly found mattress, especially when it comes to kid’s rooms, is the twin. Perfectly designed to fit one person comfortably, a twin size bed can be a great investment for someone living alone in their first space, or for that transition from a toddler bed to a big kid’s bed. Sheets for a twin mattress are often the cheapest, and are easy to find in a wide array of different designs.

Another alternative to the twin in the same price range, is a twin XL mattress. These mattresses are often found in college dorm rooms, as they can still comfortably fit one person but they now have extra leg room at the bottom to better fit adults.
The next size up from a twin is a full, and these mattresses can snuggly fit two people, or give one person a good amount of extra space. A full size mattress tends to be only a tad bit more expensive, and can be a cheaper alternative for couples looking for a bed they can both use comfortably, without springing for the price tag associated with a queen sized mattress.

A queen size mattress comfortably allows for two people to get a good night’s sleep while having extra room to themselves. A queen size mattress is a popular choice for couples who want to have enough room to share the bed, while being able to still have plenty of room in their bedroom.

A King size bed is quite wide, and offers couples a great amount of space to themselves. This can be a popular option for those individuals who tend to have difficult sleeping patterns, such as tossing and turning. Choosing a king mattress in Jackson, MS offers enough room for these individuals to sleep well, and still share a bed with their partner, without disturbing either party’s quality of sleep.

A California king bed is the best option for someone who has a flexible budget and lots of floor space in their bedroom. These beds are extra long, which is a great alternative for couples with taller individuals who value their space.

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