Best Practices For Using A Skid Steer Drill Attachment

Having a drill attachment on a skid steer is an easy way to be able to drill holes both vertically as well as horizontally through a wide range of different materials including earth, rock, gravel or even through clay and mixed materials.

While using a skid steer drill attachment is not a complicated job, there are some bad habits or poor practices that operators can get into. Some of these occur due to poor quality drilling equipment where the operator is trying to get more out of the drill than possible. Other bad habits may just be a result of not understanding the possible or potential damage to the equipment through the practice.

Using the Right Method

Using the skid steer drill attachment in soft soil or material is a simple process with limitations to the drilling speed based on how fast the system can remove the material from the hole.

However, for larger diameter holes, particularly in very rocky or mixed types of soils or materials, it will be important to slow down the drilling process. By pushing the drill less, the hole will be more precise, and there is less risk of damage to equipment including the drill as well as the hydraulic system.

By using the skid steer drill attachment correctly and not forcing the drilling action, there is limited need to go through the process of drilling a pilot hole and then using a larger drill. This saves both times as well as fuel costs without risking the equipment.

Checking the System

A very good practice to get into is checking over the skid steer drill attachment before each use. This is a good time to look for any leaks in hydraulic hoses or connectors and to have the issue repaired before putting the system under pressure.

This simple, short check will help to turn a small problem into a major issue if a hose completely splits or a connector fails, and the hydraulic fluid is lost while the drill is in use.


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