Advantages of Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca

The benefits of pre-finished hardwood floors start with an extended warranty, unlike unfinished floors. The finishes are done with high strength urethane. Within minutes, a series of urethane coatings can be applied on boards using ultraviolet lights. However, people also have the option of treating their unfinished wood floors on their own. Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca have a clear advantage since heavy cleaning and additional work is not necessary and people can choose from a number of species of wood. Unfinished floors need sanding and coating after they are laid, while pre-finished floors do not. Finished hardwood floors are cheaper and can be easily maintained too. Adding aluminum oxide chips for finishing, which is a recent development, makes for a more durable urethane finish. Pre-finished red oak hardwood flooring is cheaper than white oak hardwood floors and red oak flooring is smooth and the grain pattern is open.

Pre-finished products are usually available in three or four colors. Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca has a hardboard known as a wear layer. This layer can be thin or thick. The thickness of this layer will determine how many times they need refinishing. In some products, refinishing is not possible. Finished hardwood floors can be installed quickly and easily. Pre-finished products are not prone to seasonal contraction and expansion and, in general, pre-processed products have 15 and 25-year guarantees. A variety of finishes and wood types are available for pre-finishing as well. Wear layers are better than those that are applied in person. Factory applied finishes are more resistant to abrasion and free of dust, hair, swirl marks, etc. These are applied uniformly with high strength finishes and not have an odor.

A pre-finished wood floor is processed and finished in a factory. You do not need to sand it either. Wooden floors are ideal for any home, and their availability in different colors and forms of placement are adapted to all styles of decorations and designs. It is not difficult to keep floors clean and stain free, due to a large number of products on the market, and the application of some home tricks. Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristle broom or vacuum cleaner. Contact New York Wood Flooring to learn more.


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