A Guide to Breast Prosthetics and Bras for Mastectomy

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Shopping

Mastectomy, while routinely done, can take a toll on a woman’s body and psyche. Aside from physical disfigurement, women literally and figuratively lose a part of them during surgery. Most of what society deems attractive are aligned with a woman’s curves. This is why it is unsurprising why women feel at their lowest after a mastectomy. Fortunately, there are technologies that have been developed that would aid these strong ladies in feeling like themselves again.

Breast prosthesis and bras for mastectomy are just a few of the ways breast cancer survivors can cope with the radical change.

Are you clueless on prosthesis and finding the right post-surgery bra? Below is a guide that would steer you into a clearer path:

Breast Prosthesis and Breast Forms

Whether you underwent a double mastectomy or a single one, there would be a breast prosthesis available for your need. For women who had two breasts taken out, this is the best time to get the bigger or smaller breasts you have always wanted. Likewise, for single mastectomy patients, the selections of breast forms are vast enough that you would find the right sized prosthesis fit for your body.

Buying a Bra for Mastectomy

The prospect of getting the boobs that you have always wanted after a period of difficulty is definitely exciting. However, you must remember that your chest area is very sore and tender. Mastectomy, after all, is still surgery. Buying bras for mastectomy can be tricky. There are various styles and types you can choose from. With that being said, it is important to choose underwear that is loose and comfortable. There are professionals who would gladly assist you with your every need. It’s all about reaching out and asking questions.

The Right Way to Measure

If you already have prosthesis, buying a bra for mastectomy wouldn’t be all that difficult. The forms are already measured and it would be easier to determine which bra size would fit the prosthesis perfectly. Likewise, there are form experts that would be able to help you out with all your sizing questions. Do not hesitate, ask away!

A mastectomy does not have to take away your femininity. After all you just weathered through a trying time; you can have the best lingerie and underwear for your new body.

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