6 Cleaning Tips to Great and Shiny Garage Floors

If you want to keep your garage floors looking fine, know how to keep stubborn dirt and grime off. No matter how resistant your epoxy coating is to stains and dirt, maintenance goes a long way to helping your floors look better and the shine last longer.

Being Careful with Cleaners
Just remember, though, that in cleaning your floors, you’ve got to know what cleaners you can choose and which ones to skip. If you aren’t careful, you could use a cleaner that would end up leaving an unsightly film on your floors. Or one that takes the shine out of your floors. Keep that from happening by putting these helpful tips to good use:

Floor Coating Maintenance Tips
1. Use a dust mop. A good, chamois-type dust mop will be your number one tool when you start cleaning your floors. So pick a good one.

2. Dust and dirt don’t stick to epoxy floor coatings so that’s a major plus and means you only need to sweep the floors once or twice a week.

3. If you’ve got cuts on the floor or joints—basically any exposed area that captures dust and grime, then don’t neglect those spots. Keep those areas clean by regularly getting the debris out of those hard-to-reach areas.

4. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. That way, you give the chemicals in whatever you spilled less time to react with the coating. The faster you wipe the spills off, the better chance you have of eliminating the stain completely. However, if you end up with a film on your floor, you can always look into other products you can use to get it off with ease.

5. For high-traffic areas with epoxy flooring, make sure to set regular cleaning schedules every three or four months. That will help keep a whole lot of the grime and dirt off.

6. Stay away from string mops. Pick out a hard foam mop instead. Go for excellent quality. This will be your only defense against the dirt and grime on your floors so it better be a great one.

There you have it—cleaning tips to keep your floors in excellent condition. And when the coating wears off sooner or later, you can always get expert assistance from sites like Granite Garage Floors in Denver for epoxy flooring finishes, and make your floor good as new.

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