4 Quick Ways to Solve Garage Door Dilemmas

There are days when everything goes well and the world seems to be in sync. You press the button for your garage door and right it opens, like magic. But then there are other days when that doesn’t happen, and that’s when you need all the help you can get.

Some Common Issues

1. The power is down and your garage door refuses to budge. If you don’t want to be late or ride the bus to work, here’s what you can do: first, find a cord with a red handle. It should be dangling down right from the guide track. Pull and you’ll be able to manually open and close the doors of your garage. Just put your back into it. You and your car will be free in no time.
2. Cold weather has caused your garage door opener to lose power. To make sure this doesn’t happen, regularly check the condition of the pressure adjustment settings. Adjust them regularly to keep the whole mechanism running without a hitch.
3. Saggy garage doors are getting heavier. Most garage doors are made of wood, which, after being exposed to the elements, tend to warp and sag. You can look into getting tension rods to put on the back of your door. Make sure to do this one or two rods at a time to give the wood plenty of time to adjust. However, check if the wood is just saggy or if it’s already beyond repair. If it is, better chuck it over for new doors.
4. Doors won’t lock. The point of having a garage or garage doors for that matter is to keep your car in and thieves and elements out. However, if you can’t lock your doors, then you’re compromising your security. Don’t risk your safety that way. Check the two horizontal bars that lock your door in place and realign them by unscrewing the guide brackets on the edges of the door. This makes the bars loose enough to move. Put them back in the right position. Don’t forget to put a little machine oil in the lock for some welcome lubrication. Check the door again. It should lock without trouble this time.

Lastly, have your garage doors regularly serviced by professionals trained in garage door repair in Dane County WI. This will ensure they’re always in tip-top condition. Well-maintained doors last longer and better, but sometimes you can’t avoid the need to call in the experts for help.

If you’re in need of repair services for your garage doors, contact an expert. A variety of companies, including Northland Door Systems, are out there to offer you unparalleled assistance.


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