Why People In Arlington Heights Love Veneers

If you’ve found that you hide your smile or just don’t do it at all when in public, you may have minor or significant imperfections in your teeth that you wish you could hide. While most people try to get the problem corrected, others just want to hide it and have the appearance of a natural smile. If you feel that way and live in Arlington Heights, you may want to consider veneers and all their many benefits.

Looks Natural

Most people worry that a cover will be whiter or darker than their natural teeth. However, with veneers, they are customized to blend seamlessly with your other teeth, ensuring that they look the same. The size, color, and shape will be similar so you’ll have more natural-looking results.

Hide Imperfections

The most significant reason that people in Arlington Heights prefer a veneer is that it can hide all the minor imperfections. Sometimes, traditional whitening toothpaste and procedures won’t be enough to get deep stains removed, so you can use this shell or cover to help you keep your white smile. Small gaps and chips can also be hidden, which means you can smile confidently.

More Protection

Even though it is a cosmetic procedure, many times, the shell or cover will strengthen and protect your teeth. If you have chips, cracks, or stains, it can cause the tooth and root to weaken over time. However, the veneer is made of ceramic material, which makes the tooth more durable.

Lasting Results

As long as you brush and floss all of your teeth, the ones with a cover can last for as long as your lifetime.

Veneers in Arlington Heights can be the perfect thing to hide unsightly stains and small chips or cracks. Visit the website www.kakossmiles.com of James Kakos DDS today to find out more.


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