When to Take a Child to an Orthodontist

It seems like the new generation of children is growing up so much faster than we did; lots of kids know their way around a smartphone even better than their parents do.  Therefore, most parents would not be surprised to hear a third grader come home from school and say, “It seems like all the kids around me have braces.”  Perhaps your child’s classmates come to school after an Orthodontist Queens NY appointment and show off the new rubber bands on their braces, different colors from last month.  But is it really necessary for children that young to go to an orthodontist?

It Depends on the Child

There is not a universal answer about how soon a child can get braces, and it depends more on how many of the child’s permanent teeth have grown in more than it depends on the age.  Dazzling Smile Dental Group is more than just a Cosmetic Dentist and takes the child’s entire well-being into account.  Generally speaking, a child should already have most of his permanent teeth before getting braces put on.  When children younger than eleven get braces, it often involves getting baby teeth pulled or sometimes even adjusting treatment when permanent teeth grow in differently from how they were expected to.  It is often better to wait until the child is in middle school.  Teenagers even have the option of using Invisalign instead of conventional metal braces.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

One of the most important characteristic in an Orthodontist Queens NY parents should look for is a willingness to answer questions and to explain various treatment options.  All orthodontic treatments require a considerable investment of time, and none of them are completely free of discomfort.  If a pediatrician or dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment for your child, discuss your options with your orthodontist.


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