What to Look For When Choosing a New Dentist for Your Family

Moving to a new city involves starting over in most areas of your life including choosing a new dentist. It is important to take the time to choose a family dentist Queens NY to ensure that you ultimately make the best decision. There are a few qualities and pointers to keep in mind when choosing a new dentist office.

Prioritize on reputation

Your current dentist, family and friends can be great sources of information on where to find a good dentist once you move to Queens. Online reviews are also great for finding out about other patient’s experiences with the dentists you are considering. The Dazzling Smile Dental Group for example has a great reputation and positive reviews and testimonials.

Look at qualifications

It is crucial that the family dentist Queens NY that you choose is qualified and properly certified. Dentists require two years of pre-dental college as well as four years in dental school. Ensure that the dentist is licensed by the sate board and is properly certified by the American Dental Association or other recognized authority.

Personal relationships

As much as competency is important when choosing a dentist, choosing a personable dentist is just as important. Note how the staff and dentist treat you and how quickly your phone calls are answered. Visiting a dental office is does not rank among the top desirable activities so a good dentist should at least make you comfortable and put you at ease.

Dental track record

Past treatments are a good indication of the type of dental work you are likely to receive. Ask to see before and after photos of previous clients especially if you require the services of a cosmetic dentist. A good dentist should also be able to accommodate your level of anxiety or fear whether it is by explaining the procedure before beginning or administering conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

Is the dentist up to date

Dental technology has come a long way especially in the past decade or so. One hallmark of a great dentist is one who keeps up with the best technology. Invisalign or invisible braces for example have changed the face of teeth straightening. Enquire from the dentist which technology he uses and why it is beneficial over older or more traditional options.

Iron out the fine details

Finally, consider the fine details such as the office hours. A good dental office should be able to cater to your schedule including in emergency cases. Waiting times is an equally important consideration, so ask about the average waiting times. Lastly, enquire about payment plans and payment options to avoid problems with billing and payment down the line.


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