The Correct Way To Maintain Braces

If you wear braces then the daily dental care is more than simple brushing and flossing. When you wear braces you will invariably find yourself taking considerable time in front of the mirror, carefully cleaning each brace individually. This degree of care can be mitigated to a certain extent by avoiding certain food that has the tendency to pose problems; your orthodontist can give you an indication of what these foods are. Braces in Elmhurst are expensive so maintaining the teeth while they are being worn is an absolute necessity.

When you wear braces you are going to have to clean your teeth more often, certainly after every meal. While you are eating food can easily become trapped under the braces or become lodged in the wires. Braces, being made from metal, may react unfavorably to certain foods, especially if the food is acidic. It is important that right after eating, the wearer remove all traces of food; it take little time for the gums and teeth to harbor bacteria which can lead to infections. There are special toothbrushes available for those who wear braces in Elmhurst; it is considerably smaller than a conventional tooth brush as it is designed to fit between each brace.

Even though thorough brushing is a must for those who wear braces, brushing in itself is often not enough to remove all evidence of food particles. Flossing is as much a part of good dental hygiene for wearers of braces as it is for anyone. The floss that braces wearers use has one end which is quite stiff, this makes it easy to insert the dental floss between the braces. Not only is the floss stiff on one end, it is a little “woollier” which makes it considerably easier to clean the teeth and the spaces between the braces.

There are a number of foods that the orthodontist will warn you about staying away from. Hard foods and crispy foods are bad for those who wear braces in Elmhurst. Food such as carrots, apples and pretzels are especially bad. It is imperative that anyone who wears braces must never eat ice; it takes considerable pressure before the ice breaks, it can actually be so much that the braces will break. Sticky food, cheese and prunes are two good examples, should be avoided as should food which has a rubbery texture, this includes soft candy and especially gum. If you have a craving and you absolutely must eat these types of food, take plenty of time, chew slowly and the moment you are finished, clean the braces.

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