The Best Hand Dryer for Commercial Use

Electric hand dryers come in many different styles and shapes with different features to ensure that every business and organization can find the automatic dryer according to its needs and budget. How do you choose between different styles though? Let’s look at some of the different options and features to help you decide which type is best for you.

Auto Dryer Options

The way electric hand dryers mount on the wall contributes to how they will fit a space. The size and weight of the appliance will ultimately determine the type of mounting required to hang the appliance on the wall. Some require surface mounting that uses a specialized kit to securely attach to the wall. Others recess into the wall for safety, eliminating some of the overhangs in tighter spaces. Others are quite small and lightweight so that companies have the choice of which mounting method they prefer.

Electricity Used and Power

A number of electric hand dryers needed to operate plays an important role in the purchase decision. The first aspect you will need to consider is the type of connection or wiring required to run the machine. The second is the amount of energy used by an automatic dryer per use. The size of the engine determines the amount of electricity used. When you consider the size of the engine, you want to decide if you want one that uses a brush and take into account the amount of noise it produces. Measured in decibels (dB), the lower the number, the quieter it is when used.

The Amount of Air Blown

The amount of air blown by the automatic dryer determines how long it takes commercial hand dryers to dry your hands, but it also plays a role in the amount of energy it will need. This volume of air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or in lateral force measurement (LFM). The higher the number, the more air blows at the same time. It’s essential to find a good balance between noise and air volume when picking the right dryer for business.


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