The Benefits of VDI in Santa Barbara, CA

VDI stands for “virtual desktop infrastructure.” In layman’s terms, the virtual desktop infrastructure is the process of hosting an operating system inside of a virtual machine, so that it can be run on a centralized server. The term was first coined by VMware Inc., and has become widely popular in the computing world since then. It’s essentially an alternative method for hosting a desktop environment, which allows you to use another operating system within the same machine. Given the fact that more and more people have become reliant on computing technology nowadays, the virtual desktop infrastructure has become extremely prevalent. Here are some of the many benefits that it offers.

Saves Time and Money

You don’t need to spend a great deal of money on installing another operating system or on buying a new computer. It’s a lot more affordable if you can just use a virtual desktop infrastructure to deploy a different operating system. There are many companies that offer VDI in Santa Barbara, CA. You can request a local firm to deploy the infrastructure in your place of business for a pretty affordable price nowadays.

Furthermore, it allows you to use a single image of any operating system and then deploy it throughout your network. Most servers can support multiple nodes directly, thus making it easy for employees to work through a virtual desktop server.


Many people have issues with the latest updates for different operating systems. If a problem occurs with any type of update, VDI allows you to roll back the update directly on the main image. Just ask all of the other employees to log off from the data center, and then reconnect it to roll back the update. Virtual desktop infrastructure has made computing extremely easy and it has allowed businesses to focus more on improving their core services, rather than worrying about monotonous computing issues.


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