Choose a Reputable Custom Door Company

Custom doors for your new home are a great way to ensure your home is a reflection of your personal style. Custom entryway doors in a classic or rustic wooden style are a gorgeous statement that stands out in your neighborhood. In addition, more and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate custom interior doors to make a design statement in addition to providing functionality.

If you’re considering custom doors for your home, it’s important to choose a reputable company. A custom door is a big investment, so you want to ensure it is beautiful and built to last. Here are some tips for choosing a custom door company.

1. Look at their designs. A good custom door company will be able to show you plenty of examples of doors they’ve created, from rustic interior doors in a barn style, to grand carved entryway doors for cabins. In addition to being able to show you great examples of what they’ve already done, they should also be eager to listen to your ideas for your door, so that you can have something completely unique.

2. Check references. Talk to previous customers before committing to a custom door builder. Ask previous customers about lead times to getting doors made and delivered, quality of workmanship and creativity in design.

3. Take a look at materials. You want to know that your doors are made from solid wood materials, and that hardware is sturdy and solid. Reputable door builders will use only the best materials.

4. Ask about pricing. Custom exterior doors and handmade rustic interior doors are not cheap, and should not be an area where you plan to shop on price alone. However, the pricing should be fair and should be comparable to that of other custom door builders in the industry. Look for pricing that is competitive.

5. Understand lead times. Custom doors are hand built to your exact specifications, so this is not an item that you get delivered to your door in a week. However, to ensure that delivery of the doors does not impact your overall building or remodeling schedule, you need to know how far in advance you must order your door. The best companies can give you a very detailed estimate on timeframe, so that you can move forward in your schedule. Remember that you will need to provide specifications for door size.


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