Schedule a Teeth Cleaning in Lusby, MD for Oral Health

Every time you eat food with carbohydrates, you are feeding yourself and the bacteria in your mouth. If the foods stick to the teeth, the bacteria will feed on the sugars in the food and form plaque. Plaque clings to the teeth in a film. If left in place, plaque will harden and become tartar. Over time, the bacteria in plaque and tartar will deteriorate the teeth, cause cavities, and may also cause gum disease. The best way to remove plaque is through brushing and flossing the teeth daily. The only way to remove plaque is through professional teeth cleaning in Lusby MD.

During teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist will use a small instrument to scrape tarter off of the teeth. Tartar can build up on the visible portion of teeth and also above the gum line. Flossing will help remove build-up between the teeth. Some dentists use a vibrating device that will loosen plaque and tartar, which can then be rinsed away. Next, the teeth are polished, creating a smooth plaque-resistant surface. Sealants, a plastic coating placed on teeth, may also be desirable for preventing plaque and tartar buildup. Dental cleanings should be completed twice a year. Most dental insurance companies cover routine teeth cleaning every six months as teeth cleanings are critical in preventing more serious health problems.

If teeth are not cleaned regularly, there are long-term risks to both the teeth and the patient’s overall health. Gingivitis, a condition causing inflamed and bleeding gums, is usually the first sign that the oral health is at risk. If not treated, gingivitis can progress to more severe gum disease. In gum disease, the gums pull away from the teeth, the teeth and supporting bones may break down, and tooth loss may result. In addition to the oral health risks, gum disease has also been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and dementia. Individuals with diabetes have an increased risk for gum disease.

Regular dental cleanings will remove any tartar and other build up, protecting the teeth and mouth from diseases. Contact to schedule your teeth cleaning in Lusby MD.


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