Questions To Ask A Dubai Lawyer

STA is a law firm in Dubai as well as a firm that provides legal services in countries around the world. Our team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys is uniquely positioned to be able to provide services to clients in a wide range of practice areas and specializations.

We often talk to individuals or businesses seeking help from a Dubai lawyer for the first time. Knowing what to ask or to learn about the attorney will be helpful in understanding the advantages of using our legal firm.

Ask About Specialization

Most of the best attorneys around the world have a small number of areas of specialization. This is very similar to the way that doctors focus in on the treatment of a specific disease or a particular system in the body.

It is import to ask a Dubai lawyer for information about his or her area of specialization. Make sure to have them explain any terms of information that is unclear. Don’t be afraid to also ask about experience in specific types of cases similar to your own.

Ask About Years in Practice

Aside from specialization, ask about the attorney’s years of practice. While there is nothing wrong with hiring an attorney with limited experience if he or she is part of an experienced legal firm and the case is simple; for more complex legal issues look for real-world experience.

A top Dubai lawyer will be able to provide you with information on their past legal experience, training, and expertise. They will also be able to provide you with general information about your legal issues and the possible routes for resolution of the matter.

In Dubai, as well as around the world, many legal matters are settled without the need for litigation through the courts. As the court process is more complex in the UAE, resolution out of court has benefits that are well worth discussing. Our attorneys will provide information about these options, helping you to make informed decisions on how to proceed. Contact STA Law Firm for more information.


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