Cloud Web Hosting: Is it Worth the Hype?

When it comes to web hosting, shared servers and dedicated servers are still popular and powerful options. However, cloud web hosting has garnered a lot of attention lately, and many websites have made the switch. Is cloud hosting worth the hype?

A New Paradigm

When most people think about web hosting, they think of single servers; dedicated server plans give all of this server’s resources to a single client, while shared plans host multiple sites on a single server. With cloud hosting, hosts use server clusters running virtual operating system environments in a distributed manner. Because of this, multiple servers can be used to create a single virtual server for clients. This makes it easier for hosts to scale up their operations when demand increases, and it provides performance comparable to, and even exceeding, dedicated hosting.

A Software Interface

The cloud paradigm involves putting a layer of abstraction between hardware and software. When used with cloud web hosting, this abstraction means users don’t need to consider the hardware that actually serves websites. Furthermore, by using virtual servers, this paradigm also provides strong security advantages, as virtual servers can’t interact with each other through the host’s hardware.

Greater Flexibility

As a result of the greater security provided by the cloud-level abstraction, cloud web hosting means that service providers can offer more flexibility to their clients than virtual servers can provide. In fact, many cloud hosts let clients use modified operating system kernels which aren’t available in many dedicated hosting plans. When it comes to flexibility, cloud web hosting stands strong.

Although cloud web hosting isn’t necessarily the optimal solution for all websites, it’s a flexible, powerful, and affordable option that’s worth looking into when launching or migrating a website. For websites that expect to scale quickly, in particular, the ability to ramp up throughput automatically should make it a strong consideration.

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