Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services for Illinois Businesses for the Protection of Human Life

Many buildings today require the installation of a fire sprinkler system for the safety of occupants. Even though a sprinkler system may be installed it also must be checked on a regular basis to ensure it continues to function properly. This is why it is important to have the services of a company that provides professional fire sprinkler inspection. Illinois businesses and organizations of various types can have these inspections performed the routine basis in order to protect human life and property, and also conform to the prescribed laws in the state.

NFPA 13 Standard

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) issues its own standards that involve the installation and use of automatic fire sprinkler systems. Specifically, local authorities and municipalities, etc. use NFPA 13 which deals with this topic.

Water Supply and Performance

Regarding the design and installation of fire sprinkler systems for fire emergencies, the amount of water supply available is definitely an important consideration. The results of the fire sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance of the water-based wet pipe variety system are connected to the available water supply.

If a water-based fire sprinkler system is designed hydraulically the available water supply needs to exceed the demand in terms of pressure and peak flow. When the pressure or flow is below a certain level, the sprinkler system may not have the quantity of water available at the right pressure level to adequately extinguish a fire.

Regularly Scheduled Testing

The test of the main drain can be done on a yearly basis, or may also be done on a quarterly basis depending on how the water supply is set up. Quarterly testing may be advisable if the backflow preventer or pressure reducing valves are the source through which the water is supplied. The NFPA 25 and other possible codes are standards should govern the testing which is done.

Before you have your fire sprinkler inspection performed, make sure you get in touch with an experienced and reliable provider of these inspection services to help ensure the work is done properly. With a proper inspection, you can have confidence that your fire sprinkler system will perform exactly as intended in the event of a fire emergency.


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