Do You Need Oral Surgery in Baltimore City?

When something goes wrong in the mouth, dentists can often provide a simple solution. In some cases, however, Oral Surgery in Baltimore City may be necessary to fix the problem. Here are some of the most common reasons that people need oral surgery.

Wisdom Teeth

For many people, their wisdom teeth do not grow in properly. The teeth can come in at the wrong angle or only stick out part of the way. If this happens with one or more wisdom teeth, it can potentially lead to problems later. For example, a tooth that has not grown in right could cause an infection in the mouth. To prevent this, a dentist may recommend that any wisdom teeth which could possibly cause trouble be removed. It will only require a minor surgical operation, and after a few days of not eating solid food to give the mouth time to heal, life should be back to normal.


Injuries that affect the mouth may occasionally need surgery to correct them. A broken jaw, for example, is a fairly common facial injury. A dental expert can figure out the best way to help the jaw grow back correctly so that the function of the mouth will be returned to normal. Sometimes people who are struck in the face in some way may lose one or more teeth and require treatment to replace the tooth or otherwise help the mouth stay strong and healthy.

Other Surgeries

After wisdom teeth are pulled, the area will heal naturally. If other teeth have to be removed, however, an operation will be necessary to preserve the area from having problems in the future. A dentist may put in a bridge or an implant to prevent the nearby teeth from shifting and causing jaw trouble. Various diseases can also affect the mouth. In some cases, a dentist may take a sample from the mouth for further testing, to make sure that the diagnosis of the disease is accurate. Some people are surprised to learn that oral surgery is sometimes used to treat sleep apnea as well.

No matter the reason for Oral Surgery in Baltimore City, a dentist will be able to do it quickly and fix whatever is wrong in someone’s mouth. If oral surgery is needed, click here for more info.


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