Choices to Make When Building Retaining Walls in Waukesha, WI

Many sloped yards will benefit from the addition of a retaining wall. These structures prevent erosion, make the area above safer and more functional and ensure that the land below the slope will not be damaged in the future. Retaining Walls in Waukesha WI can also be attractive features in a yard and become a spot for the mounting of landscape lighting or the addition of a flower garden. Larger landings could even be expanded to become an appealing patio space.

Retaining walls are not all the same. The size of the wall that is needed is determined by the angle and height of the slope. There are also numerous options for materials that are frequently used to build the walls. Homeowners can choose a material that is not seen elsewhere in the yard to create a wall that stands out or use similar products already in place in fire pits, walkways or patios to help it to blend with the design.

Retaining Wall Materials

1. Wood

2. Brick

3. Natural stone

4. Poured concrete

5. Concrete blocks

Add interest to the project by making the wall curved or add multiple walls every few feet along a deep slope for an elegant terrace. Choose a design that will compliment the existing landscaping and the home. Select the material based on what will also accent the home appealingly. Timber walls are perfect for rustic cabins and cozy cottages. Natural stone is beautiful when paired with a vintage farmhouse or classic Victorian home. Poured concrete and concrete blocks are appealing with all types of homes.

Safety is important too because improperly installed retaining walls could collapse. The biggest risk is during wet weather, so drainage is always important. Retaining walls in Waukesha WI that will be more than a couple of feet tall after completion should always be professionally installed to prevent property damage or injury in the future. Contact Outdoor Living Unlimited for an estimate on this type of project and to learn more about the many personal touches they can add. The company also assists with any other hardscape projects as well as designs and builds outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas.


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