Benefits of Corner Guards

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Aluminum

Corner guards protect walls, equipment and furniture from damage. It is easy to scrape the corner of a wall or the edge of a machine when walking by or moving heavy objects. Costly and time-consuming repairs can be easily avoided by applying these guards.

Companies rely on corner guards for many different reasons. Restaurants often use them in their kitchens and other high-traffic areas. Medical facilities have them in their laboratories where heavy equipment is present. Loading docks and parking garages also rely on corner guards to avoid damage from vehicles, crates, and moving equipment. However, these guards can be used in any application to protect walls and other materials from scrapes, scratches, and lasting damage.

Most companies offer either aluminum or stainless steel corner guards, depending on the required application. Aluminum guards are common in industrial environments. These guards come in different colors such as black, white, silver or clear, to match the look of the room. They are great for use on appliances, equipment or even drywall. Stainless steel guards provide a more modern look for use in kitchens, medical facilities, and laboratories.

A well-made corner guard will not break or discolor with time. This allows them to offer unending protection regardless of the changes to the room. Whether made of aluminum, stainless steel or a comparable material, a corner guard should be scratch-proof and crack-proof. If you paint the wall, the corner guard can be removed and replaced, or you can paint around it. Corner guards offer a finished look to any environment and save time and money on damage repairs.

Kick Plates
You may want to consider purchasing kick plates at the same time as your corner guards. Made of the same materials, a kick plate can match the corner guard of choice. These devices protect the door and floor of any room but especially a door leading to the outside. It is easy to scratch the floor around a door, but a kick plate covers that area for protection. They also offer a finished look to an entry-way. Just like a corner guard, a kick plate can be customized by material and color.

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