Air Hand Dryers: Greener Way to Drying Your Hands

Running a restaurant means staying on top of your costs. But what about the environmental costs? When you’re choosing between paper towels and air hand dryer units for your restroom, which one is the greener option to go for?

Paper towels

Some people often make the mistake of thinking paper towels offer an eco-friendly solution over dryers. However, that’s not the case when you consider the impact disposable paper towels have on the environment. Also, paper towels are produced from trees. And not all of them grown sustainably. This has dire consequences for the environment as well. All things considered, paper towels are a bad bet when it comes to finding a greener solution to drying your hands.

Air hand dryers

An air hand dryer, on the other hand, is a much better solution. Some dryers use cold air so there’s no need to warm up the air, cutting down on electricity costs. Others are also energy-efficient, ensuring that you save a lot on your electricity bills. That also means less consumption so you save on energy. The manufacture, transport as well as disposal of these machines also result in only 5 percent impact on the environment, says Green Ideas. Compare that to the costs of making paper alone and these hand dryers win, hands-down.


Little details matter. Something as simple as making the switch to hand dryers can have long-term consequences not just on your business and bottom line but also on the environment. So, if you want to start making changes today, go ahead and make the switch to hand dryers over paper towels in your restroom. No need to keep replenishing the stock every few hours. You can provide guests with a better way to dry their hands, all while saving on financial and environmental costs. Visit where you will find full line of hand and hair dryers for every application and user preference.


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