Window Replacements in Naperville, IL are Attractive and Lower Energy Bills

Illinois winters can be very cold. Houses have to be as snug as possible or energy bills can skyrocket. Homeowners who start to see that their energy bills are increasing, may want to perform an energy audit. If they live in an older home with wood frame windows, there is a good chance that these are the reason for the higher winter heating bill. Wood readily absorbs moisture. During the cold winter it freezes and causes the window frame to expand. When the heat warms up the window frame, it contracts. This constant movement weakens the seal between the window and the house. It is time to consider Window Replacements in Naperville IL.

Contractors very rarely install wood windows in new homes. They prefer vinyl windows. Unlike wood, vinyl does not easily absorb moisture. Therefore it holds a seal better. It is also stronger and provides more insulation. Homeowners also love the fact that the color is incorporated into the layers of vinyl. They never have to be repainted. There are many colors available, so it will be easy to match them to the siding and trim colors. New window designs also make it easy to clean both sides of the window. A person can stand inside and tilt or swivel the window into the house.

When people are considering Window Replacements in Naperville IL they will probably hear the term Low-E glass. That stands for low-emissivity glass that has been treated with an invisible metal coating. In the south it is placed on the outside of the glass panes to reflect the sun’s heat away from the house. In colder climates, it is placed on the inside of the house to keep in the heat. In addition to Low-E glass, energy-efficient windows have more than one layer of glass for each pane. These are separated by about one-half inch. An inert gas inserted in each space, because gas provides more insulation than oxygen.

Homeowners want their windows to be attractive as well as energy-efficient. There are many styles to choose from including double-hung windows, bay windows and garden windows. Exterior Designers Inc. can explain the window designs available to homeowners. They can Contact them for free consultation.

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