Why Repair Management Software Is Necessary

Owning an auto shop means that you probably sell parts or service, and may offer both. The goal here is to make it easier for yourself to handle everything and help customers get in and out quickly. To do so, you may find that repair management software is essential because you can streamline your daily operations and save time, as well as money. You don’t even have to be computer savvy to learn how to use the system.

Track Inventory

Whether you sell parts and tires or offer repairs and maintenance, you are going to need a variety of tools and products to do your job. These can include the parts necessary to do the job, as well as the extras, such as oil, filters, cloths, and the like. You can quickly see what you have and when to order more so that you never run out.

Handle Orders

Repair management software can allow you to input all orders into the computer so that you don’t have to write them by hand. There will be no more worries that the information is incorrect and technicians won’t have to decipher bad handwriting. You may also find that handheld computers can be synced to the central computer so that each technician can get instant information on the go. They won’t have to walk to the terminal, especially if you have a large shop.

Build Rapport

You’ll also find it easier to build relationships with clients because you can schedule emails, texts, or automated phone calls to remind them about maintenance and let them know when their vehicle is done being repaired. You don’t spend as much time, but the customer is still appreciative of the extra features.

Repair Management Software can make your life a lot easier and streamline customer support, as well. Visit Egenuity today for more information.


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