Why Many Mothers are Choosing Natural Childbirth

Many modern women are making a choice to deliver their babies without the help of modern medical technology. They take natural childbirth classes to prepare for the big day, and meet with midwives and doulas for help. They choose drug-free, fully-conscious deliveries willingly and gladly. Why are they doing this? Read on to find out more.

A Rebounding Trend

Natural childbirth is certainly nothing new. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been giving birth without the assistance of drugs, pain relief or medical assistance. For many centuries, it was the only way available to women when it came to delivering a baby.

While times may have changed, there is no reason to abandon the idea of natural childbirth. Medical technology and drugs have their place in the world and in keeping mothers and babies safe from emergencies, but the average, healthy mother and child are actually benefitted more by a natural labor and delivery than they would be by one that is assisted by techniques such as the introduction of an epidural or a cesarean section.

The recent discoveries of the many benefits of natural childbirth over medically assisted are giving way to a trend in mothers consciously choosing it and attending natural childbirth classes.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Childbirth?

The benefits of natural childbirth involving a quicker recovery time as the body has less to deal with during its recovery. Many women may choose to ease the pain with medication or other techniques during this phase rather than during childbirth to allow them to focus on recovery fully, and without anesthesia or other chemicals in their systems, they have less to worry about “getting over”.

Some other benefits of natural childbirth boasted by doulas and labor experts include:

  • Increased freedom during labor. While medicated, women are not allowed to move as freely as their bodies may need to, resulting in increased effort and injury Natural childbirth allows maximum freedom.
  • No drugs. Obviously, a drug-free delivery poses fewer drug-related risks to both mother and baby, but it can also have lasting positive effects. Studies show babies delivered without the use of drugs are healthier and rebound from the birth process quicker than those born using drugs.
  • Non-invasive. The body is built to deliver babies. Surgery causes more damage to the mother’s body and gives her one more thing to recover from while she is trying to focus on her first weeks of parenting her child. Avoiding surgery and related complications by choosing natural childbirth gives her the freedom to recover more naturally and feel better about her deliver overall.

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