Why Do Teenagers Have Mental Health Problems?

Has your teenager been struggling with their social life, school, or their personal self? Teenagers can go through difficult stages and readjustments throughout school, family, and their social lives. Why do teens have mental health problems? There can be many answers to this question. Mental health problems among teenagers may be caused by a variety of events or changes. Some of these may be traumatic experiences that should be taken very seriously. If you continue you can discover some of the reasons why your teenager may have a mental health problem and what types of therapy can help them.

Medical Conditions

If your teenager is dealing with a mental health problem, they may be suffering from a medical condition. Mental conditions can cause you to feel or act differently, so it is important to visit a doctor if your teenager is displaying any strange behaviors.


If your teenager has experienced violence or abuse, they may be more likely to develop a mental health problem. It is important to understand how these events could affect a teenager. Violence or abuse can only add stress and strain to a teenager as they are still trying to develop as an individual.


While everyone can get stressed, teenagers can experience stress that can lead to a mental health problem. They may be placed into a situation with family, friends, or school for which they are not mentally or physically prepared, and this can cause stress. Though sometimes stress can be helpful such as becoming stressed for a test, which may help a teenager perform better.


If your teenager has recently lost a special relationship whether it would be a friend, family member, or significant other, losing a relationship can wear down an individual and cause a mental problem. If your teenager experiences the death of a loved one or a break-up, it may make them feel lonely or extremely sad. These feelings can improve over time, but teenagers therapy in Minnesota can help them during their time of need.

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