Why Consider Hiring A Social Security Lawyer In Aurora

If you’re trying to get on disability through SSA so that you don’t have to work or get supplemental money coming in each month, you may find the entire process confusing and overwhelming. In most cases, people like you aren’t equipped with the information and knowledge required to file a claim correctly, which means your case may be rejected automatically. In these instances, it may be helpful to hire a social security lawyer in Aurora because they do have the experience and understanding of the law.

Already Been Denied

While many people just sigh in frustration and give up, you may feel that you have a genuine disability which prevents you from working or at least requires you to have some help and accommodation. However, if you’ve already applied and been rejected, you may feel that going through the process alone again is too difficult. Instead, you can hire an attorney who will help you fill out the paperwork, get necessary documentation, and send it to the appropriate people.

Chance Of Winning Increases

There are no guarantees when you hire a social security lawyer in Aurora, but many attorneys do not get paid by you unless you win. Therefore, you have a little cushion to ensure that you get appropriate representation. However, when you do hire an attorney, you’ll find that your chance of winning can increase. SSA reports show that you have a 26 percent better chance of getting and winning your appeal when you have an attorney to help you. They understand how the SSA works and what you need to support your case.

A social security lawyer in Aurora can help you get the SSA benefits or disability that you need and deserve. Visit the Law Office of Rabin, Kodner & Brown today to learn more.


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