Why Buy a Commercial Used Truck in Texas?

Are you thinking of becoming an owner/operator and running your own business? Maybe you’re a contractor, and you need a dump truck. Whatever the reason, you’ll enjoy many benefits when you buy a commercial used truck in Texas. Let’s look at some good things about buying new and used, to help you make the best decision for your company.

New Trucks

If you buy a brand-new truck, you have the benefits of warranty from the manufacturer. This covers many components, but most warranties do not cover routine maintenance items like brake pads (shoes), hoses, belts, and such. Even though you’ll have a new vehicle warranty, you may still need to perform maintenance at your own costs.

There is one benefit that new trucks have to offer, and you don’t have it with a commercial used truck in Texas. Your drivers get vehicles that no one else has driven. You’ll know the entire vehicle history, and this can be an important consideration for some business owners. In other words, you limit your risk factors.

Previously Owned

Perhaps the most important benefit of buying used is the lower upfront costs. In some cases, the savings can be a hundred thousand dollars or more per truck. If your company doesn’t have a large amount of capital, then you should consider this option.

With used trucks, you don’t have to absorb the loss of new vehicle depreciation, which will cost your business thousands of dollars in the first year. That’s why some business owners check into commercial used truck options in Texas. Look for trucks just a few years old. You’ll get a relatively new truck, but without the new truck depreciation. If you buy a used truck, make sure to check with a reputable truck dealer to lower your risk factors.


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