Wholesale Plastic Bags – Recycling and Reuse

It is possible to utilize the seemingly endless, yet inexpensive marketing opportunities that come along with the use of custom printed plastic bags, while still contributing to the recycling efforts in your local community. As well, reusing these plastic bags can be a positive in the marketing and financial sense as you can purchase plastic bags at wholesale price for your business.

Plastic Recycling
For every ton of plastic that is recycled, 3.8 barrels of oil are saved. In 1988, SPI (the plastics industry trade association), created a resin numbering system at the behest of the plastic manufacturers. The system consists of labeling with the numbers from one to seven combined with the acronym that indicates the type of material included. All plastics have a code on the bottom that indicates the type of plastic used in the production of the item in question. The numbering system provides an easily identifiable way to separate and sort recyclables to get them ready to bring to the local landfills or transfer stations.

Town Regulations
Before beginning to separate your plastics, check with your local government to see which items are accepted at the local landfills or transfer stations. Since many municipalities do not accept plastic bags for recycling, and your local landfill is one of those that does not take the used bags, there are still other options available to consumers.

Retail Collection Areas
Many retailers are doing their part by installing a collection receptacle in the front of their stores as a place for shoppers to recycle their used plastic bags. By providing a central location for people to turn in their used bags, consumers are able to continue to practice good recycling habits, and keep landfill levels down just slightly.

Reusing the bags is also a common practice. Many choose to stockpile their bags and reuse them to carry lunches, clean up after their dogs, and as trash can liners for small wastebaskets, etc. It is while they are being reused that wholesale plastic bags do the most good as a marketing tool. Carrying lunch in a bag with a brightly colored logo printed on the side helps to promote your brand. So reuse is definitely an option that can ultimately help your business’s bottom line.


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