Which Countertops Are Eco-Friendly?

As you consider replacing your kitchen countertops in Minneapolis, quartz, wood, recycled glass, steel and concrete may be your best choices for eco-friendliness. Some will suggest that marble and granite are both natural stone, so you’re not cutting down trees or using chemicals to form concrete, so which is your best choice?

Style or Simplicity?

The simple version is to choose wood because it has a wonderful aesthetic appeal and is renewable in nature. Although a few years will be required to grow sufficient wood to replace the amount you have removed from a sustainable forest for your kitchen countertops in Minneapolis, it is relatively easy to maintain with a light oiling and should you receive any scratches or stains; they can be sanded away.

Quartz provides a wonderful style for your kitchen countertops in Minneapolis. They are made from Quartz aggregate and mixed with binders and pigments which provide the strength and color. They may not be perfectly eco-friendly, but a much better alternative than many of the options on the eco-friendly scale.

Quartz looks partly like granite, and many will believe you have a beautiful stone in your kitchen area, but it does hold the advantage over granite and marble in that the surface does not require sealing and will not let in natural water, which leads to damp and bacteria in some other countertops.
For some individuals, using recycled glass is a great eco-friendly idea. Effectively, the glass is poured into place, smoothed out and then is polished after being ground down across the surface. The finish can look wonderful, but quartz may be the better long-term option.

Steel might be easy to clean and look great when it’s clean and is designed to be durable in the same way the quartz, granite, and marble are. The bonus for steel is that it can be recycled when you change your kitchen.


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